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What Does It Mean When You Dream You Are Studying And Doing Homework?

In my dream, I was about to start studying. I was saying something about going out to eat with someone, but I was going to do a little studying first. I pulled out this notebook I had and I realized that I hadn’t done any studying. So, I started looking over my notes. I kept looking at this one line and I kept trying to memorize it. The only thing I remember was reading and repeatedly saying something about the king is coming. There was more to the sentence but I don’t remember the other part. Then I decided I would try looking over it again later. Any thoughts.

In my dream, I was doing some Spanish homework. I was writing a paper and I was using a translator website to translate English to Spanish (this something I use to do in college). It was something about the seats of a car and I was trying to translate that into Spanish. Instead of being at college, the setting took place in my living room. Any thoughts.

In real life, I’m no longer in school. I have graduated both high school and college.

Homework may refer to your attempts in your life to stay on task, certainly the problem we can see in the situation that you have described. You're about to nurture yourself, since it's time to go out to eat, but instead you realize the neglected need to do your studying, that is, to stay on task...well, maybe later, you seem to say.

A king is on the throne of consciousness. It indicates the part of you that is in control & signifies power & control, certainly a struggle for you here as you describe your attempts to memorize that one line. Later...you finally say.
Using a translator puts others or a website to do the task for you. Nothing wrong with that unless you feel that there is.
Car seats are about controlling your destiny & taking charge of your life. However, it's not the driver's seat. Instead, it seems to be simply seats, what might carry someone along.

You're studying at home in your living room. Thus we see the desire to bring in the discipline of college into your current life even though we see much of the struggle to get yourself to be in control with the type of discipline that you used to have while you were in college. This would be how many of us would be if we tried to pick up where we left off when we were back in school. Certainly it's admirable to want to learn once again & to fit everything together. However, there must be a little patience with yourself or else you'll push away everything that you might hope to accomplish. Keep in mind that it's not truly impossible once you set your mind to learning whatever it is that you decide to learn. It just takes awhile to regain the control, so don't feel that you were spinning your wheels in your dream. Relax, already, because it's only your living room, certainly a part of you.

Dreams are hard to explain. I dream a lot that I have forgotten my schedule and simply don't go to college classes. May be related to the fact I skipped so many classes.

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