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What does it mean when you have dreams of snakes hanging on walls around you?

Every time I fall asleep I dream of snakes. My most recent dream was i was house hunting with my fiance and the house was in the middle of a lake and somehow i was in the water and a snake came and attacked me. i shook it off and made it out of the water. i was waling around this house and snakes were hanging in the rafters and in the corners of the house everywhere that i turned they were there.

What does this mean?

Snakes are a phallic symbol - LMAO! Hey Sigmund! I thought you were dead!

If you are afraid of snakes and you've been stressed or anxious lately the snakes could represent the barrage of problems or represent the magnitude of the problem(s) that you may be having. Sometimes we don't realize we're scared or stressed or anxious. When we sleep our emotions can reveal themselves in our dreams. If the snakes are everywhere then maybe you feel that problems are everywhere. Do you see what I mean? Give it some thought you can probably figure this out on you own.

Phallic symbol - Heh, Heh! That's so funny.

It sounds like an anxiety dream to me. If your dreams about snakes are bothering you, and obviously they are (since you say you dream about snakes each time you fall asleep,) I would say you're afraid of snakes.

I would pray before bed consistently. Another thing I would do is talk to someone about your fear of snakes-- someone who isn't going to belittle your fears. Maybe you can come up with a plan to help you become less afraid. Oh-- and research snakes. Learning about things sometimes makes me less afraid (I'm thinking of my fears of Mt.St. Helens as a child. Did a school project on volcanos and became less afraid of them.)

Hope this helps.

P.S. snakes are NOT the sign of the devil. That's absolute rubbish. (Funny rubbish, but rubbish nonetheless.)

Pretty weird. Many people think of snakes as dangerous animals, and of course the poisonous ones are. Maybe there is something that might be harmful to you hanging around your house/home.

'Hope you have pleasant dreams tonight.

The snakes are actually phallic symbols of your infidelity to your fiance. The reason you were hunting them together is simple. You need to admit you cheated, and seek the truth together. The attack in the water could mean that Roger is coming back to try and defame, or otherwise hurt you. Seeing how they were everywhere, take heed that you can't simply ignore your problems.

My mom used to tell me when you dream of snakes the devil was after you! When I was younger I always dreamed of snakes every where I walked Id step on one never got bitten thou! I think it means your having 2nd thoughts of something!

Google "Dream Dictionary", and look up Snakes. You will find your answer there, and any other answer to your dreams. :-)

You must be excited about the new Indiana Jones movie coming out.

You could be turning parsel tongue. Go to the zoo and try to talk to the python.

it means lay of the snacks before bed.


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