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What does it means when you dream of old pennies?

I dreampt i was at a wooden booth, Like a newspaper stand with only coins, with this old lady showing me old pennies and telling me if this is worth less or more. I could not see the date on the coins and she did not tell me how much it worth, like the dollar amount. In the same dream my family and i was going on a trip to italy. In this trip i was going regarding a job position, in the end my mom and my sister drop out of the trip, so now it was going to be my neice and i to travel, but my neice was crying, she did not want to go, so i decided not to go. I jumped pit of the car and ended up at the coin booth again.

It sounds like you are having money problems ...your dreaming of pennies and the possibility that they are worth more money...and you are dreaming of a job position that winds up being out of reach, so you go back to the coin booth. Sounds like you have been needing more money.

you are broke and are looking 4 pennies sitting around

You're broke and want old pennies.

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