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What does it means when you dreamt that you were wearing a wet diaper and was emberassed about it to others?

I had a dream last night that I had friend wake me up and told me a girl that I liked was coming over and then I went to get up and realized that all I was wearing was diaper. Then I realized that that the diaper was soaked, and the tried to cover myself in the blanket. I tried to change out of it but could find a place to change or hide. I was so embaressed and then I woke up. Just trying to figure out what this might be interpited as.

I think you are just self-contious about the girl. you are afraid to embarrass yourself around her , and wearing a diaper would certainly do that. Dreams are a combination of fears ,wishes and usually very little reality. You will be fine, just be yourself and remember that it was only a dream. You can't control it .It's how your brain deals with stuff when your sleeping ! Good Luck !

This means an inferiority complex, over some short comings.
Many a times i have also dreamt that I am walking completely nude on the street, and wondering how did it happen.
Some times i have only an inadequate cloth to cover myself.
on some occasions, i was looking out for a rest room desparately to ease my self, but that time i woke up, and my bladder was full.
Did you have nocturnal involuntary urination problem in your childhood, and your parents didn't handle it properly ?
Find out about your hidden fears, and any insecurities, resolve them, such dreams won't repeat, most probably.

Humiliation dreams are a common motif in dreams.

How many times have I been right in the middle of going to the bathroom, and suddenly there's 50,000 people staring at me?

You fear a humiliating experience in her presence.

Just goes to show what a deep fear this is.

It's our biggest fear.

It means you are embarassed around this girl for some reason. Maybe she makes you feel like a baby?

dream may indicate that you are cleansing yourself of unnecessary and possibly hurtful attitudes, ideas, and emotions.

It means you dreamt you were an Astronaut... :)

"Depends" in the future ?

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