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What does my dream about various insects mean?

I dreamed of four spiders spinning a webs in the 4 corners of my bedroom. Other notable things in my dreams was that I clearly killed a lone wasp. It was very elusive, but I was able to administer a fatal blow followed by several "confirmation blows" ensuring its death. Shortly after was a small group of bees that seemingly avoided me and hid in a dark corner. From that dark corner came butterflies that spread through my room and almost seem to illuminate it. Then the walls had small numbers of caterpillars climbing to the ceiling. Just before I woke up, I was the commander of an army of scarabs. They did not attack me but moved where I told them to, and formed pictures with their bodies for my enjoyment.

What a lucky dream. The scarab was symbolically as sacred to the ancient Egyptians as the cross is to Christians. It represents hope, rebirth, luck, you had a whole army of them. The butterflies are your illumination or inspiration, the caterpillars the gifts that you give to the world or to others from your inspiration. You killed the temptation or obstacle, on the whole i would say you are doing well in your path in life, and you will advance or increase your influence spiritually or career wise. You have focus to detail and are switched on subconsciously.

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