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What does my dream mean? Death, darkness, missing corpse..?

I had a dream that my crush's brother was driving on a motorcycle down the highway at night. I was with someone and we were driving and 'running' from something. I saw my friend hit the ditch and we stopped and checked to see if he was alive and he was dead. We drove to this building with my school teachers in it and they came to see what happened, but when we got there, the dead body was gone. There were some shattered pieces of bone around, though.
What. The. Eff.

Well i'm not to sure but i can tell you a similar story. Before one of my friends dated this guy she had a dream about him (She just liked him at the time) she had a dream that he got in a car crash and died (i wont go into deatail.) But the thing was then they started to date, but it didnt last long and he broke her heart, so mabye it means you should be with this guy your crushing on.

Dreams have no hard and fast rules to interpret , just a wave of mind on the given day having limited hidden meanings. Normally, they depict the desires, events and anxiety on stress event. So the same can be interpreted in this perspective better by the dreaming person himself .Normally , repressed love or sex desires are seen in ex, crush, bf, stranger man or woman and stress and insecurity in nightmares, spiders, Zombies, snakes ,ghosts or alike factors but there nothing to be worried. Pregnancy dreams means, u are scared to be preggo or if pregoo fear to lose baby It is for the time being reaction of mind in the given circumstance. May Lord keep all of us in peace and best of luck x

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