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What does my dream mean? Help?

I have two dreams i would like analyzed lease: One i had last night, and one reoccurring dream. The one i had last night, i was in a very nice house in the basement playing around with an electrical setup to charge the battery of a hybrid push to start car. Then the scene changed and i was in a library pushing a blonde girl on a swing and then i stole an action figure, but then later returned it. Then i picked up a book and to my surprise, it was a picture of me and the blonde girl on a mountain with a title of: "the gathering is not a greenwood". It was the third book in the "greenwood" trilogy.

The next dream (the one that i keep getting) is that i am home alone and i hear a car door close. I look outside and see people (its always a different group) in my driveway approaching my house with crowbars and the like. I push the house alarm alert button and it rings (but the cops never show up) and then run upstairs (or somewhere "safe") and then the other events are different as i am trying different ways to get out safely in every dream.


Patrik, to go by both dreams, you're a chap who dreams of a world in which everyone was a bit more thoughtful of others and the world they live in: the car's an eco friendly hybrid; you steal an action but scrupulously return it.

And obviously for you, in such a slightly more perfect world there'd be lots and lots of books: you push the girl on the swing in the midst of a library, and the book you pick up's got you and this girl on its cover on a mountain.

Unfortunately, though, as reflected by your recurring dream, the world's not like that, hence your anxiety inducing scenario of endless loads of headbangers endlessly turning up with their crowbars to bust in and spoil the peace of your personal refuge from the world outside, (even the episode with the blonde takes place inside in a library).

I note your dream seems to begin with the sound of a car door opening, which strongly suggests you're not very keen on visitors, and for all your high tech alarm buttons your book refers to a greenwood, a place of flourishing green life, far from urban existence and - theoretically - people.

I also note a search reveals there is no book called "The Gathering is Not a Greenwood" - a gathering of course being a collection of people - but since's it's a cracking title to start off a trilogy, why not write it?

If nothing else, it should divert some of your dreaming energies into a more productive end; and you never know, you might turn out to be the next J.K. Rowling - or given all the barbarians populating your dreams, maybe that should be J.K. Growling!

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