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I keep having this dream over and over (5 or 6 times) and I NEED to know what it means...

here is the dream:
I'm going shopping with my family, but I stop before we go into the store for some reason. then I hear a very creepy whisper from a man asking me, "do you wanna forget me? you'll never forget me.. do you wanna forget?" I keep telling him I want to forget and I start crying. he says, "if you want to forget you have to juggle" I can juggle in real life but in the dream I cannot no matter how hard I try. then my family walks out of the store and asks what I am doing. I try to tell them that there is a guy telling me to forget him but they don't believe me. we all start fighting and everyone is yelling at one time. Then all of a sudden it goes silent. then the "guy" whispers to me, "don't forget".
I wake up at that point every time I have the dream.

please help me figure out what this means! Thanks for any answers!

people hide feelings for exes with distractions or try to forget with new relationships sports hobbies... juggling. it gets quite ridiculous as if you can just forget someone exists. the dream is telling you that you shouldn't forget. lest your life turn to a bit of a lie. you become that happy flakey type. always happy sun always shining on your face lifes so great but your life is a lie. etc

Mabey it doesn't mean anything. It's just a dream. :)

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