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What does my dream mean? I woke up crying...?

I had this really bad dream. I was taken into this room where a lot of dead people were lying around because they were drowned. Then when I was going to be next, someone found us and saved everyone who hadn't been drowned yet.

I woke up but then I fell back asleep, and the girl who was going to drown us came back to finish the job. I hit her in the face with a crowbar and started running with my friend. But then the girl must have had a partner and he grabbed my friend but I kept running, and i could hear my friend screaming. Somehow I knew she had been stabbed to death. I just kept running and then i guess it changed to a different scene?

So then I realized they had found my mom, and I found the woman again and kept asking where my mom was. I just asked and asked and asked and somehow if a random girl walked off the bus with a fishing pole, it meant my mom was dead. I forgot what the other thing would be if she was still alive. Well the girl walked off with the fishing pole, and I started screaming/crying and fell to the ground. I ran back to my house while crying, and saw a man walking near my house. For a few seconds I thought it was my mom disguised and ran up and said MOM?! and i cried and hugged him. But then he said sorry I'm not your mom, and it turned out to be a neighbor. I then woke up crying but I want to know what my dream meant...

Sorry it's so long and thanks for helping, I really want to know if it means anything bad.

No I don't believe your dream means anything. Dreams come from our subconscious mind. Could it be that you recently watched a scary movie, or read a scary book? Or, do you have an inner fear that you will lose a close friend, or possibly your mother? Since this dream is a jumble of thoughts coming together I believe it is merely a mixture of thoughts or fears that you have had sometime during you life. Possibly you are going through a time of stress and your subconscious is working overtime. I would dismiss this one as a "nightmare", and if these continue, you might want to take some time for relaxation and fun.

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