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What does my dream mean in islam?

I dreamed about the shaytan handing the key to hell to a girl and the girl started to cry she turned around and i saw that the girl was my sister. What does the dream mean? That she is going to end up in hell? Can she still change that? My sister isn't the best muslim. She says she is muslim but doesn't really follow islam the right way. She is only muslim in name. I am afraid to tell her my dream.

My personal experience (and logic) suggests that one should care about his/her own dreams. Nobody should be dreaming for others and nobody should be taking others' dreams for serious. If God wants to guide you, He will talk to you, not tell others about you!

However, it is OK to share your bad dreams with others. Quran gives the example of the two prisoners who entered prison with Joseph, the Jewish Prophet. The Bible tells the complete story. The Pharaoh got ill after having a meal and he put Chief Butler and Chief Baker in prison pending investigation as in old days, prisons were not punishment but just lock ups for suspects until the matter was cleared.

The investigation proved Chief Butler to be innocent and the Chief Baker to be guilty of making poor or rotten bread. I think his kitchen was laden with rats and foul smells! That's why the Chief Butler was released while the Chief Baker was crucified.

The Chief Butler was promoted to become the wine holder for the Pharaoh, a prestigious job that came with lucrative perks.

I once dreamed God handing me a rod of iron. I looked up the interpretation in a book in my mother's library and it said you are going to face some harsh troubles. This mentally prepared me. I later learned that "iron" also stood for power, inflexibility (as in "so and so ruled his nation with a fist of iron") and usability. This makes me feel even better.

Assalamu alaikum You dream means that your sister should go nearer to Allah by performing salah on time properly everyday,wearing hijab and obey to all of Allah's commands and prohibitions asstated in the Qur'an and explained in hadith. If you love Allah,you should always remember Allah and obey the whole contents of the Qur'an and sahih hadiths. She can change her behavior and Allah will help her to go to heaven insya Allah if she follow Islam the right way You should tell her about your dream so she will change her life style

Seeing Hell in dream has some meanings 1: Anger Of ALLAH 2:Getting in Sins 3:He/She is going to Hell 4:sign for him to ask forgivnes for his sins.

You should tell here because she must do Astagfaar for her sins ALLAH will forgive her.

Maybe it's a warning to you to guide your sister to the right path as much as you are capable of. Remember, as long as you are alive, bad dreams like that are just a fair warning.

Share with her ur dream, it may happen that this dream is a WARING n source of Guidance for her
but make sure that she does not think ur a lying to her or anything.
make dua

its Forbidden to share "bad dreams"
but IF u felt this dream as "meaningful' one, then u (I DONT KNOW) if u can share the dream BUT
u can Obviously warn her.

Allah knows best

hello, sister please tell your sister your dream maybe she could be a better Muslim. i don't what it means because looking at dreams and saying what it means is a shirk i think. anyway my mom had a dream where she was taking a long path to jannah and other PEOPLE WERE TAKING to hell.


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