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What does my dream mean? Just take a gander, you don''t have to be professional lol?

So, I'm seeing everything through my own eyes. No watching myself, just seeing through my eyes.

Theres a fire at my neighbors house, his car is on fire, I'm the only one seeing this and I freak out that it's going to explode, so I'm trying to run away, I see some little fires in my yard close to my house so thats a little terrifying. But I can't run, its like I barely move my body at alll. I hate those dreams. So I somehow manage get into my garage and pull out my cellphone for 911, and the fire goes out at my neighbors car, but I only see that like I switched view but I never walked out of the garage. So I'm talking about every little thing to the 911 lady.

After that, I'm going to school, and I become extremely late, I'm like dyin of hunger because I didn't have any breakfast, due to the events of the fire.

Somehow, it was driving with my dad in my moms car, but once at the school, it was my mom driving.
We pulled up at the school, and I somehow got mcdonalds, but I can't have it quite, so I'm still trying to get a school breakfast, so I tell my mom to write notes for the school so I can eat during class or whatever and excuse my tardiness.

I'm walking up a staircase in my lunchroom, but that's the weird thing, we don't have that, the whole lunchroom scenery is different from my school. It's like part outside, part like the books Divergent and Insurgent room called the Pit, and part my regular ish.

My friends are around me, and some kids in 10th grade I've never seen, but I know theyre 10th graders. There r two. Anyway, I think one of them or somebody else said,"Go look for Emily!" Emily is one of my friends. And I'm thinking no way, and I'm going to turn back almost, but then my friend Deanna says it before me so we all agree. As we turn, I walk down by myself, and meet a weird 10th grader. He starts talking to me, and I think he's funny but I also wonder if he's slightly "touched" in the head, the way he moved his arm and yeah. But he acts
Pretty normal after that. And I like him a bit.

So everything switches, and I go by myself to the lunchline, the layout is completely different and little compacted together, I ask the lady if there's anymore breakfast stuff and she says yeah, so I end up cutting to make the line shorter for me by my friend Deanna. So I end up getting something thats NOT breakfast, and yeah. I go to the condiments and a teacher I know is there decorating his food, and so I do too. With one pickle and a little ranch, I wanted mayo but they didn't have any lol.

Swiiiiiiitch up the entire dream.

In like in a room/outside again, but this time I'm trying to protect myself from that 10th grader I liked, he's actually some sort demon or something, he turned green and stuff. I think a friend of mine is there, but then I can't see them. Then I pass my good friend Anthony, he's older than me by 4 or 5 years, an I like him, a lot, he lives in another country and is the military so I miss him a lot. I meant to brush my hand on his and arm, but he instead locks me with his, I feel this warming sensation by his touch i never want to let go, I look up at him,"I did something terrible." he looks at me and says,"it's okay." I get quieter and say,"I cheated on you."
Omg I was dating him in the dream?!?!?
I turn and look at the 10th grader and say "can u at least just remove him from yourself?" so the demon separates himself from the 10th grader and demon is more ugly looking and darker. The 10th grader is in a daze.
So I guess we end up fighting him but I didnt dream that part. Then I'm in a classroom and tadayada I don't think that's very important part. Then I wake up.

Don't eat cheese before you go to bed.

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