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What does my dream mean, pls help?

What does it mean when you dream that you go to your doctor for test results and he tells you that you have stomach cancer? I have had this same dream for the past 2 nights.

Not sure, whether this might help or be related to my dream, but I recently had an endoscopy and have a number of biopsies taken from my stomach and esophogas, I haven't gotten the biopsy results back yet, I am due to get them back tomorrow.

I'm only a psychology student, but I've recently been studying dream analysis as part of the Psychoanalytic Therapy unit of my course.

Sigmund Freud, a psychologist who has massively influenced the field see's dreams as the 'royal road to unconsciousness'This basically means that in dreams onses unconscious wishes, needs and fears are expressed. Sometimes, when we are dreaming, our motivations are so unacceptable to us that they are disguised or in symbolic form rather than being directly revealed.

Dreams have 2 levels of content - latent and manifest content. Latent content consists of hidden, symbolic and unconscious motives, wishes and fears. Because they are often painful and treatening, the unsonscious impulses that make up the latent content are transformed into the more acceptable manifest content, which is the dream as itappears to the dreamed, by a process of 'dream work'

It seems to be that you seem to be quite frightened by the possiblity of there being something seriously wrong with your biopsy results, so your dreams are preparing you for the prospect by playing out the worst case scenario.

if your christian then maybe god is trying to warn you

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