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What does my dream mean? [white Heaven staircase]?

Hi, I had a dream last night that went like this:

I was ascending a white heaven-like staircase, but it was slowly sucking me towards the top, as if there was no gravity. I never reached the top of the staircase in my dream. I didn't have to walk or anything, and I wasn't in control of anything. I think there were people being sucked up the staircase too, but I don't remember who they were. I didn't struggle in the dream, I just felt empty.

I have so many ideas about what this dream could mean, or what it could foreshadow. I just need to hear your thoughts.

Maybe your dream is letting you know you have done a good deed, and when it is your time to be free off the earth, you will go to heaven, an rest at peace.
I think the dream is letting you know that you've been accepted into heaven, but since you didn't go all the way to the top of the stairs, maybe its letting you know that it is not your time to leave the earth (die), I bet its more of a future-reference dream, letting you know your guaranteed to be heading to heaven.

Subconsciously you were asking heaven authority of what happen when one died? and you were given an opportunity to"die".When you were freed from your body, weightlessly you were just automatically/ or guided to reach heaven, to where spirits were belonged. You never reached the top b/c its wasn't your time yet. ppl you were seing were real human spirits who died that hours you were dreaming.

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