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What does my dream mean?

i have had the same dream 3 or 4 times recently and always wake up in the middle of the dream and when i go back to sleep the dream continues...
ok this is it...
i am on a field and am aware that something bad is happening, i have a 3/4year old little girl in my arms and i am holding onto her really tight.
a man forces me and the girl and my female friend to go to this strange town, where he is like the king. he holds us hostage in a hotel room for a long period of time, months even, and one day he lets us go to the hotel lobby to have our nails done in the parlour?!
when we are in there we try to escape but the girls in the parlour lock us in and call the man. when he gets here he decides we must be punished and heats a thin metal rod up and burns tiny holes into my friends chest...then he gets a nail gun and tells me to turn to the side, hen i done this he shoots me 3 times, 2 in my lips and one in my cheek. because we decided to escape he makes his best friend watch us 24/7 and me and his friend end up falling in love and he helps me escape in the end, with the little girl. and my friend and just before i wake up i see him with the little girl on his shoulders and he is holding my hand and i get an overwhelming sense of happiness...

that is my dream, very detailed, very much like a movie or something, but pleaseeee help and tell me what it means, thanks..

I'm going to assume you don't have a little girl, and so she probably represents yourself as a child, your inner child or something precious that you had responsibiliity for at this time in your life. Sounds like you were under the control of a man, could be a bf or husband or a father or other family member, but he rules your life and is very possessive (I'll assume he's a bf).

That he makes you go to a strange town could mean it was a really dysfunctional relationship or you were in unfamiliar surroundings or even that you were coerced into doing strange things.

You felt trapped. A hotel room represents a temporary living situation. The lobby would represent a more public aspect so when you were in public he allowed you or required you to put up a presentable appearance that belied your existence.

You tried to exit this relationship but he only cracked down on you more. I'm not sure if you did have a close friend with you at the time or if this is a symbol for another aspect of yourself. But he tortured you (maybe not physically but mentally). Your heart resides in your chest, so burning holes there could mean burning a hole in the heart, which might mean reducing the capacity to love. The chest also represents pride so it could mean poking holes in one's pride and self-worth.

For the nail gun, it's the second reference to "nails" and that makes me wonder. Can you think why that is? Fingernails are a form of self-protection, and nails in a nail gun are a way of pinning something down. There's also the saying that he nailed you, which could be sexual or just about cruelty in general. Your lips and cheek being on your face show he is trying to hurt your appearance to others.

Falling in love with his best friend is indeed a happy twist. I wonder if you literally got out of the relationship that way. The girl, which may represent your inner child, is taken care of and lifted to a place of strength and power, and you are overwhelmingly happy, which I hope reflects exactly where you are in life right now.

I think it means you need to write a novel and have it become a best seller. People love this stuff! It sounds like a great story...

In reality, it may mean you feel trapped in a part of your life, and maybe you need to make some changes. Hope to read your book someday!

it's wonderful when you dream, wake up and when you sleep again your dreams continue
that means protection for you and a 3/4year old little girl

It could possibly be a sign of bad luck. Maybe it is a signal that you should be more careful in life.
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