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What does my dream mean?!?!?

i keep having this dream over and over ok so the dream starts like this i am at home sitting then suddenly i'm walking down a street and i meet all of my friends or people my age i know and then all of a sudden i'm with my boyfriend and we start kissing and bam i'm pregnant so then life goes on and i'm really happy and i have the baby i keep it too of course and then i wake up. please explain what my dream means

Psychological Meaning: Erotic dreams are usually a straightforward expression of sexual desire. The nature of the sex may reveal you hidden hopes and fears.Your dreams may reveal patterns in your sexual relationships that you may not be aware of. If your sexual dreams are violent or perverse, you may need to be more relaxed about your sexuality. You may have sexual phobias or compulsions that need to be recognised and brought in control. Your dreams may offer ways to help you lead a happier and more natural sexual life. Mystical Meaning:An odd superstition claims that if a man or woman dream of visiting a brothel there will be an improvement to their domestic life. And good news for cross dressers: there will be success within the family if you dream of changing sex.

i agree with the other guy you were probably just thinking of something along the lines of hanging out with friends then afterwards you would go see someone who means alot to you but then your thoughts got to a more hypothetical point where you were thinking "what if i had a baby" then you pictured what you would want to happen.

well people say that what you dream about is what your thinking while your falling asleep,
you've probably just been very curious or worried about what your future will be like

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