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What does my dream mean?

I have been extraordinarily stressed lately, which I think may have been the cause of this dream. But, a few nights ago I had the most realistic dream-

I was showing my house to a friend when a GIANT chandelier fell. The glass from the chandelier started shooting everywhere, and I dove out of the way. The glass kept shooting at me for what felt like hours, but it didn't hurt; it felt like someone was softly hitting my back. However, I was terrified, and when the glass stopped, my body went numb and I woke up.

The weirdest part about this dream is that I could FEEL what was happening. What does this mean? I'm a 15 year old girl if that is a factor... Thanks for your help!

O.K so you have been stressed lately, that's the main problem, your mind can play tricks on you, or tell you something important, "what have you been stressed out about?" is the main question and the answer is probably your "GIANT" chandelier something that is both getting in the way and "causing you pain" confront the issue whatever it is, are you getting along with your parents, siblings (if you have any), friends? If not that's probably the problem, how are you doing in school? the final exams may have something to do with it, of course teenagers go through stages, around your age they get depressed, talk to your parents if you are, the right amount of sleep, exercise and eating right will help you in this regard, Hope this helps!

im good at interpreting dreams(:
maybe your stress has caused you to hurt in your dream. maybe you could feel it because you were sleeping weird also? your Friend being there could also mean something different... if your friend got hurt then that's a different matter, but if your friend was just there it really depends on how close you are to this friend.
your dream ist very long but form it so far, id say its just from stress or being worried about something. maybe you should take a brake of whatever your doing to stress you out and go hang with some friends to get your mind off things(:

It's normal to 'feel' something in your dreams. It's just part of how dreams work.
It would be weird if you COULDN'T feel it!

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