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What does my dream mean?

I have already tried to use various online dream interpreters/dictionaries to find the meaning of this dream, but none of them really made sense in the context of my dream.

I had a dream that there was a porcupine in my back yard. It had already shot my dog, so I had to get rid of it (instead of my step-mother - my father was not actually there), but not hurt it. I was not able to get rid of it, but instead, was hurt by it as well. I went inside the house to pull out the quills. The most memorable quill (that I did not notice before I pulled out the rest of the quills) was stuck inside the inside of my elbow in my right arm. It looked like it was short and did not appear to be very deep until I pulled it out. Apparently, it had hit a vein and blood gushed out (faster and with more blood than would be realistic), but the blood was not red. It was black with a green base. I tried to stop the bleeding with my left hand, but could not. I passed out shortly after my step-mother said something about getting me to the hospital. That's where the dream ended.

If anyone can interpret this dream, it would be very much appreciated.


it means you have porcupinophobia and it also means that you are a zombie since your blood was green or maybe a troll

Blood represents life energy but the black color is quite unusual. I think the dream means you are under a lot of pressure and feel like you wont be able to take.much more. the porcupine represents your job and duties and eventually it ends up killing you, in my opinion.

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