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What does my dream mean?

the street lamp was on fire a bit so i turned it off, and it was still really hot, then i started walking across to the other side of the road
i saw *him* walking down the road with all his friends and he come up to me like ellen :):):) and then he like hugged me, then he like asked me out ahahha and stuff and then i texted aisling to tell her ahahah
and he went and sat on the other side of the road, on a bin underneath the light
the light was still smoking so i was like OH NO DONT TO THAT
and when i went over to the switch to make sure it was turned off the switch broke off and it turned on and the light went on fire, and fell on *him* and burned him alive, it was horrrrrrible
and i was like crying loads and that.
and they were calling the place he got burned mayhem, like as in the club, but it was really down london road :S
ad it was outside a yellow old house
then i had to do a dancing show, in front of loads of people like outdoors, but we was on some huge stage
and i was doing at and loads of people were talking about me, cause i think some peopole thought i'd killed him but others felt sorry for me cause he was my boyfriend.
but at the end everyone was in some diamond pose or something and i just like broke down crying (bad timesssss)
and then lauren (i dont know her surname but she goes to my dancing) was writing a newspaper thing, but the pictures on it moved l;ike in harry potter and she kept changing it
and then i got told that i could go back in time and change everything, so i did made sure they didnt cross the road aha
then we were like a couple all normal
but i was talking to his sister and she said he was still dead and there was nothing i could do about it

*him* is the person i fancy :)

im not sure but i think this means you should ask *him* out. If you are already with him, take care of him. If he dies, you will not be able to go back in time and save him. that is what i think about the dream but im not a dream expert. hope i could help. Chloe xx

yeh like

ok it was a dream, its over now and no one is dead


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