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What does my dream mean?

i had a dream about my friends' brother. ( i liked him a few months back).he and i were the upstairs in my hallway, we had a little convo, (which doesn't happen often in life).until my other friend called my name, and headed upstairs. so i decided to play a trick on her, i laid down on my back, and told him to sit on top on me above my knees, and when i saw her i started to move my torso up and down, and i started grinding, and i faked moaning noise when she came closer, when she was beside us we pretended we didn't see her,and then i looked up and we were gazing into each others eyes.

I think your dreams means that you are infatuated with this guy and that you see yourself having sexual encounters with him. And the friend might be a symbol that you don't care about who sees you with the guy because you have true feelings for him. And your friend watching you I guess means that there are other people watching you then your friends. Finally the ending, maybe the eye starring thing means that he might have the same feeling towards you, but is too scared/shy to come close to you.

Dreams don't mean anything, except that everything that's in your dream is part of or related to information stored in your brain.

Currently there are two major theories on the purpose of dreams which are agreed on with the neuro-science community.

1) Dreaming is the result of a filing system in your brain which occurs while your body rests.

2) Dreaming is a way for your brain to "keep active" when you are not conscious... essentially, your brain entertaining itself. I personally like this theory because I think it's interested since your brain doesn't know the difference between you looking at an apple on the kitchen counter, and you closing your eyes and imagining an apple on the kitchen counter. So the idea that your brain is simply amusing itself to stay active creates the question - Does your brain know it's dreaming, or does it think it's real?

Just A Dream Means Nothing If You Didn't Dream You Would Go Insane

U want to be with him but u r afraid of what he friend would think

Uh... you like him? Plus... half of the time dreams are so weird and get outta control, so yeah. :)

it usually means that u like him but ur scared of what ur friend would think.

just talk to her about it and see what she says.

i guess hahaha. xD

It means you're in love with your friend's brother

Go out with him! ;)

wow i totally didn't get that at first and had to read it twice :P

i would guess you a sexual attraction to him and desire to be with him...

dreams don't fking mean anything. i'm sick of nut jobs trying to interpret dreams. dreams are dreams. nothing more.

you still have subconscious feelings for him

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