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What does my dream mean?!?

In my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling that something really bad had happened. So I rolled over and picked up the phone (in my dream, that is) and dialed a phone number, but got a busy tone.

So I pulled on my bath robe and slippers and ran out of the house.

Although it was pitch black, I ran for what seemed to be a mile or two as fast as I could to a wooded area with a lot of tall pine trees.

At the edge of the trees, there was a huge fire, fifty feet high, and a bunch of people standing around it in their winter coats, just looking at it.

I pushed through the crowd of people and the policemen who tried to stop me from getting to the fire. Until one man stood in my way and held me back, telling me what happened.

A plane with more than three hundred people crashed and exploded upon impact, but most of the people, he told me, survived. I yelled at him, begging him to tell me about what happened to a certain person. At this point, I not only was really scared, but I felt this kind of sadness that's really hard to describe.

So he told me that the person I was asking for, a girl that I loved more than anything in the world, was the only one that died in the plane crash. All the rest of the 300 plus people on the plane survived and was able to walk away from the crash.

And I fell to my knees, crying, because then I realized that I had asked her to come back home on the next possible flight so I could see her smile again.

What do you think? What does it mean?

You want something really badly but the truth is, if you try to reach it, it will die/disappear, etc. you have to understand that you cant have everything you want, out of 301 things, one is dead to you, understand there are still 300 other things for you to be happy about...

i believe that the 300 other people are significant because they were in your dream, there are multiple other people and relationships to be had even if you cant have just that one...

To me, it sounds like you miss somebody that you maybe can't remember 100% and are instead relating it to other tragic events; this happens to people when they are looking for answers to something they barely know about.

Or maybe it's because you feel you don't have anybody at all and have instead created a character in your dreams to which you can relate to; such characters can't normally be remembered when awake though, and so in the instance you should remember this character, you would feel it was a sign.

It's most likely the instance that you related the character in your dream to someone you actually love, whether it's someone you admire, in a relationship with or just someone you wished you could meet (a celebrity, etc); you may be concerned for their welfare (age, condition, etc) and have sensed something is wrong with them, and without even realising that you know it, you may have already acknowledged that somebody is either in danger or doesn't have long to live around you.

Other than that, you might of just had a bad dream; which happens a lot, you just don't get to remember most of them unless you're disturbed in your sleep or have to get up.
If you've been watching bad movies recently or heard of horrible news, then this will effect your mind.

If you do positive things when awake, then you'll probably think positive things when asleep.

Best of luck.
James W S Parker

It means you are truly in love with some one out there and your dream is telling you to get them before they are gone!

if you actually know this girl then it could mean you really care for her if you dont know this girl then maybe its your body telling you it wants you to find a girl you really care about

you should not make rash choices and think things true

You are struggling with your homosexuality.

you may miss someone ?

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