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What does my dream mean?

I'm pregnant now and I've had a dream that I went into labor,what does that mean?

<3 congratulations on your prenancy
your dream is perhaps a foreshadow that the baby is coming soon,
it could simply being your brain preparing your self for the experience.
but ultimately it is believed that dreams of going into labor means you are having a hard time.
so i suggest this dream is quite symbolic and important.
something is going on in your life, something you need to address. <3

good luck with the baby
..i had a miscarriage a few months ago :(
i hope you have a beautiful and healthy baby
god bless

It probably means that once the child is born, survival will be tough. You'll have to go to work to make a living for both you and the child if your husband does not let you become a housewife & stay home to supervise the child. Your husband/wife bond must be strong or else you will fall into hard times, which includes laboring. Your child, however, must be watched over by a close friend or relative or babysitter because it is said that go to work & leaving your child home is illegal. Geez, this society sure is hard.

It is just your mind preparing for the real thing, naturally you have some anxiety, I have two children and have had and still have pregnancy dreams and labor. Good luck, you'll be fine.

You crazy

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