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What does my dream mean?

Yesterday, I dreamt of a bad angle (but she wasn't a devil and she did not have wings, I just knew she was an angel). She said something about my wanting to take my life, and I think I was in heaven... Anyways, then the scenario changed and I was in my cousin's house ( I really hate this cousin of mine to death), then when I was in my cousin's house, I had a vision of the angle crashing into my cousin's car and killing her and my cousin was lying on the floor. After the vision ended, I rushed to my cousin's room and she wasn't there, then I went outside and saw my cousin stepping into her car but I ran and stopped her . Then the angle stepped out of nowhere and said that because I saved my cousins life, I have to give her my life and then she held out her hand in the meaning of 'give it to me'. I gave her a golden key and then my life flashed back and it was like I never existed...

PS. if this is any help even though I know it isn't, When I entered my cousin's room and I didn't find her, I did see a picture of the joker on her wall and I was terrified.
I know I keep saying 'then' alot but I really think there is a meaning behind this dream because when I woke up, I was feeling really weird and surprised


The meaning of your dream is quite clear. I suspect you already understand it quite well, but you really don't want to admit the truth to yourself.

What can I say - I'm just your Aunt Lucy, and if you don't want to listen to what your own mind is telling you through your own dream, why would you listen to me? or to anyone else for that matter?

But for the sake of others who will be reading this:
Your own conscious has been bothering you for some time. You and your cousin are a lot alike, which is exactly why you don't like her: you see your own faults reflected in her. The "angel" in the dream is your own spiteful self: you like to pretend that you are just perfect like an angel when you know you are really hurting yourself and others. You have been "giving the golden key" to this spiteful self for quite a while now; in other words, you've been doing what you know is wrong.

This dream is a great blessing. Your subconscious mind (your soul) wants you to be the real you - the kind, considerate person who is not selfish or spiteful. But your subconscious mind does not make those decisions. You decide who you are and what you do with your conscious, waking mind. It's all up to you.

It's "ANGEL" not angle. An angel would be a divine presence; however, your angel is nasty and vengeful. this could be the symbol of some female around you who is demanding of you; it could even be your cousin.

that would make a good scene in a scary movie! lol

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