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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus and a witch girl tricked me into letting her drill a hole into my left rib and making me bleed, and she would run around doing this to people, tricking them into giving her their blood so she could supposedly read their fortunes.

Hi, to see a witch in a dream means happy social times, but, if you are in a relationship they are a symbol of a possible break up.
To see blood in a dream: if you were bleeding in the dream try to avoid any sort of controversy with relatives and friends. If someone else was bleeding: be prepared for hard work against hostile forces.

This is how I see it: Your subconciense is telling you that you enjoy your friends and have had good times but, there will be jealousy to deal with from one of your friends...if you're in a relationship you are worried about a break up.

Hope this helps.

I think it may be symbolizing your your unknowing of the future. You may be unsure or nieve of where your life is heading in the areas of career and love. The witch girl may be a symbol of other people that you outwardly see as haveing a handle on these aspects of their own lives. Your still very young, give it some time before you worry about what you want to do in life and have some fun for now.

dreams are just your imagination. there is no point

ur dream means nothing...

i dunno what it means but it sounds creepy

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