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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in the garage of my childhood home, there were people with me I dont remember and I walked in a circle through a bright light where it felt as if someone grabbed me by my ribs and picked me up and I couldnt help but arch my back, it was also very cold. I think It was a ghost, a child gohst for some reason. and then when it put me down I talked to the people in the room about what just happened and how I have always thought the house had a child ghost (true) they all seemed to agree. THEN for some reason the door out way on the cieling and everyone left but when I tried I saw two HUGE black widows "gaurding" the entrance and thousands of little black widows around them. and for some reason I was able to levatate so I wasint touching the ground where I thought more spiders would be, but I didnt see any. I was able to control my levatation... and then I woke up. Through The whole thing I wasnt scared, I knew everything was okay. It was a little scary feeling my ribs tighten being lifted up (so I thought-i know it didnt actually happen)
Does any of this being together mean something different if it were seperate dreams?

Being picked up by the ribs could have been the result of a physical sensation of sleeping in odd position, as could also the thought of the door being on the ceiling. Levitating in dreams is quite common. As for the other things, like spiders, you can probably find a website or a book that lists dream symbols.

It depends. There are various issues to be considered. First of all I want clarification about "thousands of little black widows around them"... Levitate (or levatate according to your spelling) is a miraculous act. Can you please throw some light about it.

That is why people say that dreams should not be relied 100% as they do not stand before any scrutiny or verification. There is no evidence.

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