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What does my dream mean?

In my dream, somehow my marriage was arranged by my family. I wasn't ready to get married; I didn't even know the person or even seen him. My whole family was excited; everyone from my church even came. Throughout the dream it was like I was mute. I didn't say anything but tried to make people see that I didn't want this. The day that was set up to meet him, I did all I could to avoid the elaborate party they throw for our engagement. I found errands to run to stay away. During one of my errands I ran into a former friend who I can't stand this day, she followed me around everywhere. She was saying that there no way anyone would marry you, and this whole wedding has to be a lie, and just giving me dirty looks. Finally I made it to my dressing room and I was waiting for my mothers call to come meet this guy. I was a nervous reck throughout the whole dream. I dropped the phone under this huge bed. All of a sudden I was wearing this beautiful gown; I bend down to fill under the bed when I finally found the phone. I looked at it to see if my mom called, and the dream ended.

*** I'm not in a culture that arrange marriages. I can marry whoever I want.

It sounds like you were feeling fairly trapped in this dream.
Perhaps there's something in your waking life that you don't really want to do, but you feel as if have no choice but to do it.
It may not be the magnitude of an arranged marriage and perhaps that's why you have not noticed just how much you resent performing this task.
This dream may be you mind's way of bringing to the resentment to your attention.

I don't really know how to respond ,but check out this website about dreams; they have dream discussions and can give you an idea on what your dream is about. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

It just means dont get married until your dang ready, that's all.

maybe that's how your marriage is going to be, but it might just be nothing,... you never know.

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