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What does my dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I keeping loosing important things. In one dream I was in a fashion show and minutes before the show I could not find the skirt that I had to wear and I had seen it like minutes before right infront of me. For some reason my room mate from highschool was in my dream wearing one of my tshirts!The second dream I was in the tube station in London and I couldnt find my oyster card and the lady at the gates was very helpfull she just gave me an oyster with her picture on it! what does this mean? serious answers only


Could mean you are juggling lots of tasks/things going on at the moment and you can't cope with it all. You could be worried that you are going to forget something important.

Write down EVERYTHING that you have to do, EVERYTHING you have to remember etc on one large piece of paper.

Then write these things into a diary or on a calendar in the order that you need to do things or remember things. Stuff that doesn't have to be done for a while, write on a day next week or next month(year!). .. Tick them off from your list as you prioritise them in your diary/calendar.

Finally, sleep with a pad and pencil next to the bed and write down everything you have forgotten to do during the day, or things you are stressed about doing in the morning - once it's written down you can just forget about it and close your eyes for a nice restful and peaceful sleep.

Good luck.

Losing item in dreams = neglect, losing control, can't make up your mind.

fashion show = social life

You have these kinds of dreams due to anxiety and stress. You probably are into some sort of problems with dealing with people in life. In other words, you may get nervous easily when people are doings that is ahead of you. Projecting T shirt being worn could mean you are always outsmarted by others and you are seeking for support and sympathy (oyster card being given). You want to vent this out in dream because subconsciously you need to tell yourself that you want help and you want to be respected in some way.

You maybe feeling anxious about something? Work? relationship? These are often causes of restless nights and dreams that you can't work out. your sub consious mind maybe unable to switch off even if you do feel relaxed when you go to bed. Try not to let it worry you that much but if it persists then i would seek help from a doctor who maybe able to prescribe something. If you are stressed or worried then i would suggest maybe a calming tablet (30 minutes before bed) natuacalm are always a good one to use as they are natual and non addictive.

It means that you have recently taken the tube. It means that you have recently read a fashion magazine or watched a TV show about modelling.

Dreams don't 'mean' anything. They are just the result of the brain randomly processing recent events.

Nobody can really tell you what your dream means, because only you know the things that are relevant in your life - it must mean something to you, but you need to work it out. There are a few dream books on the market - I have one and it's good for trying to work out what certain things can mean to you specifically...

well, dreams is the greatest form of imagination of man...It is almost reality.. But within the sphere of your brain. However let me make it clear its very gifted or rare to see your dreams come to reality. Its one in a million that a dream would come true. It happens only if it has a devine purpose. Else its only the greatest form of imagination. It is great to dream. One dreams most in his'/her youth. Dream the most, imagine the unimaginable..Makes you a innovative person.

I'm sorry, I'm not Daniel nor am I a prophet. Although to me it sounds like something you cherish (maybe a friend or a significant other) is slowly slipping away from you and you don't realize that you're losing them. Don't quote me on that, it's just my opinion.

It means you should slow down worrying about christmas shoppig and relax a wee bit. Classic pre-Christmas anxiety dream.

Chill babe, slow down a bit, I sense touch of psychotic episodes coming on here, just take things a little slower, and have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

The two together suggest you are questioning your own identity and your relationship to a somewhat meretricious external world.

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