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What does my dream mean?

dream: i'm taking a bath. my stomach begins to swell and i can feel movement. i begin to throw up blood. i go to get out of bath but the shower curtain begins to hold me back and i cannot escape. it wraps around me, so i go back to the bath and call for help. my brother comes in and i tell him to get my mom and he says he will and leaves, but my mom never comes. i begin to cry and wake up.

In dreams, a bath often means either: confession of offenses, cleansing, or sometimes lust.

Throwing up/Vomiting I would take to mean cleansing. Your body getting rid of the bad things.
So it seems like cleansing the inside and outside of your body.

A brother can mean Self, a friend, caring, provision, as well as jealousy or rivalry.

A mother can mean source, compassion, loving, but also abusive, neglect, harm or gossip.

The shower curtain caught you and wouldn't let you leave. Perhaps you're too hard on yourself?

It's up to you to really think about it because it was your dream. I ask what my dreams mean sometimes but even though people's opinions are very helpful, most of the time it's something I've got to think through and find the true meaning of what it means to me.

I hope it helps(:

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