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What does my dream mean?

I slept for nearly the whole day yesterday and I had this dream I can't shake the feeling of. It's kinda vague now, but I remember the key points that make me shudder. I was in my grandmother's home, but it wasn't her home as I know it. It was dark and had this malevolent feeling about it. I was drawn to her bedroom where there were three girls laying in her bed. They all felt different to me, but they all felt evil. Though they were each a different type of evil. I can't remember what each said to me, but I know they were trying to convince me to do something, to forget something, and follow something. Then suddenly or maybe not so suddenly I jumped on top of the one in the middle. She felt the evilest to me, and the other two seemed to just shrink and back away. I started shouting out to my Goddess to rid her and me of this evil spirit (before you say anything yes I am a Wiccan), and she started yelling, clawing, and beating me. The other two yelled at me but couldn't touch me. The middle girl kept trying to get me off of her. Somehow physical contact was important to what I was doing since I kept having to grip onto her arms or any place I could as I kept chanting. After it felt like a lifetime the middle girl faded away, and the other two faded away but to a different place than I knew the middle one went to but just as bad of place.
I seemed to shake off what had happened since I continue on through my grandmother's house. Somehow, the house felt darker than before. I once again I started chanting at the top of my lungs to rid the house of whatever evil spirit was in it. Then it went black, and I know there was more to it than that but the next thing I know I woke up. Though whatever it was that happened between black and waking up it must have been bad since I get a headache trying to remember it.
So I just wanted to know what you thought this meant. I feel it means something, but I can't figure out what. I hope you have better luck than I do.

No one can really tell you exactly what your dream means, because dreams are filled with ideas pictures and associations that are unique to you. The best way to find out what it means, is to just imagine someone asking you what the little parts of the dream mean to you.
What does your grandmother's house mean to you? Does it give you a sense of security or is it more nostalgic?
Is the fact that there were three girls have any significance to you or your religion? does the fact that they're in your grandmothers bed have any meaning?
With any details like that, ask yourself what those things mean to you, and then put all of those meanings together.

The way I interpret it, is that your grandmothers house is a good place to be; it makes your feel calm or safe. Having these three evil girls in your grandmothers bed may symbolize something or several things making you feel uncomfortable or stressed, but by addressing the problem directly (jumping on top of the girl) it allows you to rid yourself of that stressor. The fact that she's fighting back along with the other girl's harassment probably symbolizes the struggle of addressing that problem.

But don't take my interpretation to seriously. Like i said, every dream has meanings and associations that only you can fully understand.

It means nothing, it just what was on your mind mixed up with other things. Like one time i fell asleep watching AMW and i had a dream that the guy broke into my house and i fought him.
It's just a dream relax or if your religious you could see a pastor about it.

It has been proved that dreams are just a mash up of memories and things that have happend throughout the day. They do not mean anything!

dont worry , it does not mean anything that happens to every body , maybe you are only upset or tired.etc

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