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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in a building. The walls and everything was green. Like lime green. I entered and I was looking for an exact room, and told the people that were there I was looking for some room and they just dissapeared and I became so scared. there were many elevators and I wanted to go to the the 7th floor but none of them were going there. So I went out of the building to like a huge balcony that lead to a pool. Thats all I remember

Although it may sound like a scary dream it is all very positive. Seeing a light green means hope, good health, vitality and peace and so does the number 7. The elevators symbolize the ups and downs of your life if you were trying to go up it means success and wealth.

"Seeing green in a natural setting represents nature and the influence of nature in human life and culture. If you dream of being surrounded by larger areas of green means you feel balanced and healthy, unfettered by cultural restraints."

"Dreaming of taking an elevator means you have decided to make a change in your life. You're taking it to another level."

"If numbers appear in your dream, they are usually a code that stands for something, like a significant date, someone's age, an address, or a phone number, relating to something you need to acknowledge or notice."

"To look down from a balcony means you have gained perspective on a situation that has troubled you."

I couldn't find anything about pools so maybe this, "If you dream of small bodies of water means you have your feelings well contained."

I hope this helped in some way! :x sorry if it doesn't lol I tried.

The green room signifies your own latent homosexuality, whereas the number 7 stands for Cerberus, who guards the gluttons of the third circle of Hell. This could be representative of your fear of foundation.

maybe the balcony fell then you woke up. I've dreamt of falling balconies before. i think you are scared that you might not find your ways. maybe due to a lot of different classes confusion and fear of no help or assistance after time is or will be up.

It means you have to eat Baked chicken for dinner or else something bad will happen.

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