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What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that i was in school but it didnt relle look like my school. anyways a teacher tells me i have english class upstairs so i walk up some very tight stairs that make it hard to breathe, but im still walking, i reach the door and walk up, the classroom is an attic...woodn floors and a group of ppl are sitting in a circle with one empty spot for me..i look in the middle of the circle and theres a star..a voodoo symbol..ppl use when they practice black magic, what does it mean? please help

First off, it doesn't mean demons are after you. Disregard anybody who says that. The fact that your dream represented "a star" as "a voodoo symbol" (it isn't) suggests that you aren't that familiar with the occult, so your unconscious is using the black magic circle as a metaphor to represent participation in something that you personally find frightening.

So what does the "black magic" represent? Well since the dream put it in a school (associated with education) and specifically in the attic (associated with higher aspirations) the dream suggests that you have some anxieties about a new step that you are about to take in school--maybe going to a new school or changing to a more challenging program? You sense that the new direction will benefit you--there's one empty spot in the circle for you--but you're afraid that you'll lose something or it will be too difficult--can't breathe.

If nothing bad happened in the dream, that suggests that you should go for it. Your unconscious is just warning you that you should be aware that you have some mixed feelings and anxieties.


Your dream is indicating to you that you are on the wrong Spiritual path. Go explore Wicca--it is inevitable. If your environment is not conducive to this path right now, be aware and create a future that allows you the freedom and support for this path.

The star is not a voodoo symbol but you already know that.

i have had a similar dream. is your life at the moment disorderly and out of routine? you are trying to achieve some sort of stability and routine i believe

it means you have 3 holes and 5 guys...

2 of them are going to have to get sloppy seconds.

it sounds like a group of people is doing black magic on you, be careful and cover yourself with Jesus holy blood. They want to confuse you

It means you entered a REM state.

you are strugling to get by,either in your life or belief and feel you dont have the will to win.

Its a dream, it doesn't mean anything.

i hate these questions

that why don't even try to answer it

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