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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where i was in a Japan on the sidewalk trying to buy Japanese octopus dumplings(Takoyaki) and i didn't have enough money to buy it. After that, i don't know what happened. What does this mean? Please help.

A dream that you are refused admission somewhere because you do not have enough money can mean that something in your waking life is frustrating you. Not having enough money in a dream can also be a sign of concern about sexual potency.

Jung thought money in a dream represented your ability to reach your goals. If you dream that you do not have any money, you may not have all the skills you need to accomplish what you set out to do. If you dream that you go bankrupt, you may feel that you are losing valuable resources, such as your friends, your looks or your talents.

Any dream about losing money or not having any money can be a warning from your unconscious that you need to take action to avoid the loss of something valuable, whether it is a material or an emotional resource. Debt in a dream can stand for something that you owe yourself, such as a vacation, or something that other people owe you, such as respect.

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