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What does my dream mean?

What does it mean when I have a dream that my husband is laying next to me holding me and we are about to go to sleep... i woke up right after that. He is deployed right now.

I'm assuming when you two were physically together you slept next to one another. It's a comfort thing and your mind reenacts it to comfort you. You miss him and you mind compensates by ending the day how it would usually end if he were able to be there with you

EDIT: BTW I'm not saying he's lost or whatever the guy who down voted me said. It has nothing to do with where he is, just that he's not physically next to you. It could be a business trip, LDR, or deployment. If the one you love isn't physically accessible then you will miss them. I've been in a LDR for 4 years and I can tell you I've had the same dreams. If he isn't next to me in bed then I'll dream it. It's odd but I wake up feeling better than if I hadn't had that dream, like my life is balanced. It's because we love them and they're on our mind that we dream of these small comforts with them. I wish you peace and your husband a safe return.

Hayden has the right answer... You miss him! There are couples who share a special spiritual connection, over thousands of miles space and years of time. You are perhaps very blesed. I don't believe your dream is an omen of loss. I believe your dream is one of love and wellcoming. And it may be possible that such dreams of love can change a future event like a prayer for deliverance.
I think you should pray for safety and a speedy return home to you heart.
May God Bless you and keep you near.

You miss him

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