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What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a really bizarre dream. I was at a petshop and a big ghetto black guy was selling haircuts for 9 dollars. I really needed a haircut so I asked him to give me one. It was really nice so I have him 20 dollars. Then I was in the middle of a major shopping center and a herd of llamas came running by. Then a wild albino squirrel appears and mistakes one of my nipples for food and bites down hard. I then tell my mother about the squirrel biting and she decides to cut off my nipple and tells me it'll grow back. The cutting of my nipple felt really surreal. I felt like I was going to die. My breathing seemed to slow down and I would grasp for air. Afterwards I ended up in a creepy house where an old lady collected dolls and puppets and woke up.
What does my dream mean?

,big ghetto black guy =looks like you took a chance on a hair cut from someone you may have not trusted ,but it went well, and this may mean that you are willing to take a chance on a Companion,such as an animal or a person.
.,9 dollars.20 dollars.,shopping center=money problems/extra money to spend.
,herd of llamas ,wild albino squirrel=no control of your choices right now./or relationships that ran wild and out of control.
,food,bites=needs of animal /small creature such as a child or a bird,dog or cat.
,The cutting of my nipple = PAIN=lonely...?

sounds like you want a friend ,this could mean a person or animal Dog /Cat. Right now you are not able to care for one /feed it or give it what it needs due to Money problems,and or commitment, this can be a reference to a person also. (friend) I think that mother and old lady are in reference to nurture/Mothering , and all the dolls are in reference to a baby or child or a PUPPY! Young things that need care. Good Luck.

It sounds to me like you ate something maybe spicy before you went to sleep. When you go to bed on a near full stomach and especially if it is spicy you can have strange dreams. I looked up a website below; it confirms what I'm saying but also adds some info about stress.

you probably have something that you fear might happen in the coming future

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