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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was pregnant, but the baby looked like a little alien and I kept it in my mouth! And then it died and I got a second one. I didn't want the second baby because I felt it was my fault the first one died..and yeah I kept the tiny baby (smaller than my smallest fingernail it was) in a hole in my mouth where a tooth used to be. But it was a really deep hole..And I was worried about the baby because it looked sick so I thought it was going to die like the first one..

What on earth could this mean lol!

Dreams doesn't mean anything. The brain is always going wild when is shutdown partially.

The dreams comes from ideas you already know like a movie (aliens), tv, etc.

Maybe you are watching V (the tv show) too much.

OMG Ur Freakin weird and an alien

probably just a random dream. ORRRR the aliens are coming hide the children!

Well if you have a dream that your pregnate it means someones gnna die, & if you have a dream that someone dies it means someone in your family is pregnate.

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