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What does my dream mean?

Dream: My friend Abby was at my house when I had a mystery caller. He asked me to meet him alone, and I felt like I could trust him somehow, so I told him to meet me at an abandoned house right near mine. When I saw him, he took his shirt off and showed me his back. RIght in the center was the tattoo I have always wanted. I was like, "How did you know I wanted that tattoo?" and he was like, "You mean the tattoo of your name on my shoulders?" Apparently, he saw my name on his shoulders, while I could only see the other tattoo that was invisible to him. I took off my shirt and he saw the tattoo I've always wanted in the center of my back while I only saw his name on my shoulders. We tried to take a picture with a digital camera, but the tattoos didn't show up. I touched his back to feel the tattoos, and more showed up. I kept my hand on his back, and the tattoos spread out all over his body and mine. I called my friend to come over, and she was able to see all the tattoos. We went to the Pope and got it declared a miracle. When we got married, we were able to see the name tattoos on each other's backs. I'm pretty sure we lived happily ever after.

Wow, what a cool and interesting dream. I hope you wrote it down somewhere besides here. Do you keep a dream journal?

An abandoned house, at first sounds like a scary element in a dream, but from your tone, I gather it is simply a neutral place. A house usually symbolizes the mind or personality. To meet this guy at an abandoned house may indicate that you approached him with an open mind, without any preconceived ideas about him, and did not judge him ahead of time.

The central element in your dream is the shared viewing of tattoos. He had two tattoos at first. The one you could see was the one you had always wanted for yourself. Tattoos can symbolize the unique (and sometimes unusual) characteristics that we associate with our personality. Since you "always wanted it" you probably saw in this person's character or personality, something you have always tried or wanted to be. The other tattoo had your name, and it was invisible to you. This could indicate that he shared certain qualities that you possess, but don't realize yet.

I'm a little confused about exactly what he saw on your back, but it basically follows the same symbolism.

Taking a picture in a dream sends a strong message to the dreamer that the message is important, and you should remember it. But because the tattoos didn't show up, it may be that you will be unable to fully appreciate the message and its meaning.

When you touched him, the tattoos expanded to cover his body and yours. This could symbolize that when you "touch" each other emotionally, your personalities and inner characteristics will blossom and grow. This is usually what happens with true Soul Mates.

I think this idea of "Soul Mate" is again hinted at when you have the Pope declare the whole thing a miracle. It symbolizes that the relationship is somehow sacred, and is recognized as a spiritual connection.

When you got married, you were able to finally see each others names in the tattoos. I think this means that once you become one with your Soul Mate and your personalities blossom and grow, you will be able to not only appreciate the other's inner beauty, but that of your own true nature.

This was a very special dream. Keep it in your heart. If you haven't met that special someone yet, I think that someday you will.

Very mystic. To see tattoos in a dream might mean that you will be the object of someone's jealousy. That's a traditional meaning; I've been studying different dream meanings for a little over 2 years now. However, you'll have to reconcile this attraction to this guy with whatever else might be going on in your life now.

wow.. i have no idea sorry.. Beautiful dream though... turn it ito a story.. or can I!?

wait... i thik i know! ok you will meet a strangrand you will trust him... you will each see something about achother that the other doesnt know but everyone else can see it... and when you really get togetheryou realize it!

...looks like you always want that tattoo

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