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What does my dream mean?

I've been having the same dream where I've been strapped to a medical table in a dark room and I hear a door open and shut. Then footsteps echoing through the room. I look up and see a dimmed medical lamp then look over and see the dark figure of a person. They are holding a syringe full of some liquid which they place on the table. The person pulls the medical lamp over me and it flashes. Everything goes to dark, but red numbers start flowing upward. It always starts 1,1,2,2,3,3 then random numbers and I eventually wake up. When I wake up I feel a little angry, and sometimes wake in a cold sweat and a headache.

I have pretty good health, a decent sex life, and life over all...so yeah...

I think that what you're experiencing isn't actually a dream, but a suppressed memory. They are often repeated, due to the trauma that you experienced, and cause the victim to wake up distressed and sweaty. Your experience sounds an awful lot like an experimentation that you would have had performed involving the memory cortex of your brain. Companies will offer to pay students and the homeless or drug addicted to test new compounds, but to lower their budgets they will wipe the participants memory instead of paying up. They may have also implanted you with a "kill switch" which will fake a cardiac arrest if the participant recalls anything from the procedure. Since you've now reported this question on the internet and the company no doubt has your computer monitored you may start to feel chest pains soon... so yeah...

Good Luck!

Or have you been playing to much black ops

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