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What does my dream mean?

Two nights I had a very strange dream that it felt so real, even my heart was pouting so hard.
In my dream I was in an house that I used to live when I was little. I was sleeping with my mom and my two daugters in one bed when all of the sudden my oldest (5) daughter wakes me up and she had a gun in her hand it was a middle size gun I woke up and took it off her hands, I walked to the front door, it was like around 3am. When i opened the door I shoot the gun off to the field when all of he sudden i heard someone clapping when i turned to my right to look it was a lady with blonde hair and a winter long jacket and she stared running towards my house I shot the door very scared and then I woke up!

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. You are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream. It a warning dream of some kind. The shots and the gun speak to me of a warning. You fire a warning shot off into the darkness. The winter coat indicates this will probably take place in the winter time - I do believe this is a premonition of some sort. Be on your guard. if someone comes up to your door late at night (knocking may be the clapping) do not open the door but rather talk through it to get them help. Sometimes, a male will send a young girl or a woman to get the door open and then rush in.

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