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What does my dream mean?

This is a dream that I had a while ago but I've always wondered what it could mean.
Its starts off with me walking down a road, the town in which I'm in is like what old England looks like I guess with the old street lamps and stone roads. Its dark and the street lamps only give off enough light to barely see whats in front of me and I'm wearing a button-up jacket so I'm guessing it was cold. I stop momentarily to ask a woman (she is middle aged with messy curled hair and looks poor/homeless) If I remember correctly I ask her when the "Pen Keeper" is. She doesn't say anything I don't believe but she points on ahead to a darker area where the lamps seem to be running out of oil. I go onwards until I reach a tall and very narrow tent just on the side of the road and don't even pause but I go right in. Inside Is the pen keeper, apparently this town has no Documentation of anything (no signs, no books, nothing that is hand written exist except for in this tent). Its crowded because of how narrow it is, there is a tall and slender man dressed very well hunched over a very large journal it looks like (this book is hug and looks to have endless pages) he is writing really fast with an old style Quill pen (one of those feather pens). When the in runs out his hands shoot to these shelves above him where there is jars and containers full of all kinds of different pens and he chooses various kinds as I watch him. He stops when he notices my presence I'm guessing and turns around in his stool he has no face from what I can see, its either hidden from the shadows or his bangs (he has his long hair pulled back but his bangs hang losely and he seems in his later 20s-30s) as soon as he is facing me I feel like I am in love or maybe in just overwhelming awe of him like he is something unreal and so fasinating. I want to say so much but I cannot think and I think I finally see his smile, he grabs his most used pen and lays it in my hand and bends down and whispers to me that he is done and now it is I that can write. He walks out and vanishes and I seem to be drawn to the stool and take my seat before the huge leather bound journal. When I look onto his writing a flash flood of memories of my real life take me by surprise and the I woke up in a cold sweat and thats all I remember of the dream. Its really wierd /: Can anyone help me break it down into its meaning?

that is interesting and it may well be a past life dream where you visit
a former incarnation of yourself. I have read several accounts of
such incidents recently and one of the first things they look for
is the costumes of the day to get an idea of when and where
it took place.
If you have the ability to access that journal that had your life history
in it, you may be able to read other peoples life history to them also.
This may be something you can develop.

Maybe its giving you a clue that someone's doing a duty and you are the next one continuing it... :/

Or maybe there is someone whom you dont know but he/she knows about all your life experiences...

Or maybe it generally telling you someone directed your life until now and from now onwards you'll have to find your way yourself!

Hope this helps... Email me: tyltedpratham@yahoo

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