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What does my dream mean?

Well I had a really strange dream and I tried to search on google about it but I couldn't find anything that helped and I think maybe somebody could help me.It is kind of long so if you have time read it.Ok I'll start:

Everything starts at my grandmother house. She was in the kitchen cooking I think and my mother came to me and told me to keep her credit cards because she is going at shopping so I asked her from where she is going to take money and she showed me a bunch of credit cards that she took from my grandmother. In that moment I said that is “Enough” and I took my grandmother credit cards and gave hers back. Then I went in the house to change and I had a huge closet full with clothes so I had from where to choose. After I changed I went into the garden where it was one of my old friends and my grandfather (working in the garden),I started to play with my friend in the garden until we got stuck in some sticky soil and a black ghost appeared in front of us. My grandfather wanted to help us but when he got close to the ghost he stopped and I said Grandpa! don't get near it. And he said "is nothing to be afraid of" and the black ghost continued "I came here to kill you" the black ghost said looking at me. After that me and my friend started running .After a while he turned around because he saw something and I looked forward there were 2 black ghosts. I was frozen so I stopped and they went after my friend. Then I went on the street and started asking if anyone saw the Angel and then somebody pointed me to a corner where I saw a boy about 14 or 15 (so he was close to me) dressed in white and I went to ask him if he would help me and he didn’t said anything he just went into the garden and I followed. He asked how many ghosts were there and I said 2 but my friend got lost in there so maybe 3 and then I started seeing pictures and I said no wait there are 5 ghosts. He didn’t said anything .Then I woke up in a church. And I saw him(the angel) he was pointing me to go a table where there were 2 ladies so I sat down. Then they changed changed in angels and went somewhere. As they left I saw 2 black ghosts in front of me so I got scared and I looked at the angel and he started to walk to the father and said “don’t be afraid” I just nodded and I looked at the ghosts but they were gone. Then I took a book and placed where the angel told me. As I placed it I started hearing screams of pain but the Angel said “don’t stop so I continued and then I heard a last scream and then nothing so I took the book and look at it. There it was an old picture of a man and a women.Then I woke up.
Yeah I know such a long dream well do you know what it means?

Before I start, I want to inform you that I personally believe in spirits and I think they communicate in our dreams sometimes. I don't think everyone can have a dream such as yours, and I could be wrong, but maybe you have an ability that you didn't think you did. I don't think this dream means nothing. I think those black spirits were in need of help as they lost their way and I think you may have helped them. As for the credit card part, maybe you or someone is spending too much these days and is on their way to getting in debt (you can be in serious debt from shopping if you're a real shop-aholic...it's not a joke) and this was your way to realise that it needs to stop (or it could be for other things than just finances, if someone or yourself is going over the top with anything it can become a bad thing...)

Like I said, I am not sure of this but I firmly believe it, and it is hard to explain it accurately because many events in your life could engender different meanings, but I really hope this helps you see through it!

It's a pretty long dream, but it really has no symbolic meaning. It's just how you will interpret things while you're asleep. There was probably something you heard, did, or saw during the past few days that stuck in you mind. No big deal.

hmm. welkl thats a pretty long dream(i have long dreams often). just think of the individual events and connect them to recent thoughts or events in your own life and i am SURE! you will make connections. for example, i had a dream the other day that i and Freddy Krueger were shopping for a new bed spread for me at bed bath and beyond. this is a big DUH for me. new bed spread=i asked my mom for one but she said no. bed bath and beyond= right next door the the guitar studio i spend a lot of time at. Freddy Kruger= im a big fan, plus you know, "dream demon". he prolly wants me to sleep well XD

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