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What does my dream mean?

I saw myself building/going through a city, then find myself on the top of a tower. I'm standing on a balcony viewing an entire city, then I find this guy I know, his gf is impersonating him, dressed as his favorite singer, she was staring at me and walked towards me, giving me a set of small boxes covered in a white cloth or napkin and left standing by him. Then I saw this guy again he was standing next to me, and saw two dogs, they were small with golden hair, long ears jumping from one balcony to another joyfully, a little boy was leading us to them. What does this dream mean?

Buildings represent your mind. If you are in a building you are exploring your own psyche. Since you are walking through a city of buildings, this shows you are interested in the minds of others. Standing on top of a tower is you on top of your own life. IOW, you feel confident in your intellect. Each person (and animals!) in your dreams represents a different aspect of you. Since one person in your dream is impersonating someone else, this could be your insecurity about not being your authentic self or your desire to be as authentic as you can. Boxes are mystery or the unknown, draped in white, you feel there are good things in store for you. Dogs also represent loyalty so you are feeling you are a loyal person or happy that others are loyal to you. Children are innocence so this is you reminding yourself to hang on to your true self. Be careful about overconfidence or becoming self-absorbed. You are a leader and people will want to follow you and that's a serious responsibility. Good luck!

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