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What does my dream mean?

I was scared when I woke up... My Dream started at Six Flags, wherever that is. I stared at the rides, they were so high! Then, my best friend was with me. THEN! Death showed up(wearing the big black coat thing), and we ended up in a car with him. We were riding down a train rail thing, and we stopped in this weird meadow. It was dark, and ominous. He told us to find a concrete bat wing. When we did, we too it to him, and drived on. Then, we were at this house. We went in, and started searching for another Bat Wing. I had a handgun, and this person came down some stairs. A women. We his under a cabinet, and she walked by. Then, A man. He saw us, and I pretended to be a doll. I then pulled out the gun... No bullets. The Bat Wing was above us, so my bestie grabbed it and we ran. The man followed. He grabbed me, and I started beating him with my gun. His head. He fell, and the women came. I beated her jaw with it, and she fell. We shot out the door, and got in the truck. I asked Death if we could sleep, and he said no. The, I woke up.

What does this mean?

It means you fear death and being alone (that was why your friend was in the dream). Death seemed kind of cocky and arrogant, meaning you are tired of being pushed by the wayside for other people. As for the woman and man, idk? Hope this helps.

Also, if you want to find this out for yourself, go to a bookstore and look in the occult section. All major bookstores will have one. I know Barnes & Noble and Bools-A-Million definately have one. The books on dreams are relatively cheap being as they are up to 7-in. thick and only $30. I reccomend Dictionary of Dreams: Understanding Dreams and Understandng Their Message. This one is actually only $10-ish. Or The Dream Book : Symbols for Self-Understanding by Betty Bethards (at b&n, for $12.76).

Hope this helped!

Well from what i know if u dream about death that means someone close to u might die.
Bat wings are like a work of voodoo.
So this might have been brought on by someone that wants to either scare u or get back at u.

thats all i can get out of that i dont understand what the man and the woman has to do with it.

So you and your homeboy death robbed some one house for a bat wing.

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