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What does my dream mean?

i was on some camp with a few friends.
and we wanetd to get off it and there was a river and we saw a little boat with paddles.
so me and my friend climed in before the others and put all of our stuff in it suddenly the river as pulling us away from the shore and the boat capsasised and we all fell in the water. then we tried again and all fo my several friends were in and we went down the river.

i loked my dream up in a dream book and it said that the boat capsising means a fatal omen. i got a tad scared becuase recently ive been having wierd dreams and wheneevr i lookt hem up it relates do death or a sickness ?

dreams dont mean or predict anything. its your brain sorting thoughts. are you going on any sort of camp/outdoor type thing? if so, sounds like your just a bit nervous about it. dont worry, dreams dont predict death. its just superstition. you'll be fine.

Does not nessacerily mean the and of a "life" it could just be the and of a chapter i,e relationships collage ,work summit that is comin to an end . but u know life is like that one door closes another will open :)

Dreams are not omens. Dreams don't predict anything.

Your Doomed..


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