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ok i had a dream the other night and its been buging me..
...the dream was i was at my friends church and u know those guys on tv that heal those people by touching them on the head and they fall over?

well thats what happened in my dream and when he smacked me on my head i felt a tingling feeling all over my body and i couldnt move .. u know how when your leg falls alspee and it started tingling?

well thats how my whole body felt and my friend told me it must have ment something does any1 else agree and if so what do u think it means?

The funny thing about dreams is that they mean things based on *your* thoughts.

If I dream a snake, it's a scary thing chasing me.

If my stepdaughter dreams a snake, it's a reminder of her grandfather's pet store and warm family memories.

There's no way to answer it but for yourself.

Ask yourself, one by one, what each little piece of it means, and write it down as you go. Read it through when you're done and see what you get.

Well to begin with, the laying on of hands, and smacking someone on the head is two totally different things. The Holy Spirit does not work that way, anytime you see someone hitting, kicking, punching, another person that is not of God. It is all Fake.
Any one who has been filled with the Holy Spirit can be used by God, by them laying there hands on the sick and praying for them. Jesus Christ is the healer and the Baptizer. One is only used by God. There is no power with in themselves, it is the Holy Spirit working through them.
Have you been Baptized with the Holy Spirit? That could be the answer to the dream you had. Pray and ask God if that dream was from Him, and if so, ask Him to reveal to you what it meant.

Maybe you really did have that happen to you. There is no need for a tv preacher in order for that Holy Spirit to lay His Peace on you. There was one other person that I know this happened to...except it was no dream. He was totally lucid for the entire night, and could not move. He described it as the most peaceful experience of his life, but nonetheless, felt as if the hand of God was holding him down.

My dream was about tossing a lynx around. Kind a weird.

That is what it is like when your body is asleep. Interestingly, you were in a state where you could have launched an out of body experience.

If you get to this state again maybe try rolling out of your body. Watch out though there is a strong pull the closer you are to your body.

That is exactly what it feels like though -- your whole body becomes tingly. Did you hear any sounds too?

maybe it was just a dream, if u think it was sumthing else ask GOd and i guarantee he will confirm if it meant sumthing

u might have had a tiny heart attack at that time

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