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What does my dream mean?

I have a dream that freaks me out everynight. It starts with me taking my stepdaughter to a place, any place. And then she falls asleep, and has terrible "seizure" like nightmares, and I see her having these nightmares, and then when I try to wake her up the screen goes to a tunnel vision of like this huge house with staircases, and i see ghost or demons crawling the walls then a guy in a red robe, and it ends with this "SS5" on the back of the robe. Please help.

In the past i've had dreams about being in a house with loads of staircases and secret hide aways, being chased by witches or evil beings!
sorry i'cant explain why tho.

This is a very difficult dream to interpret since it has several possibilities depending upon the girls role and your own in the dream. The lack of details make it a bit fuzzy to decipher but ill try my best. What you are describing is the end of time. Nightmares usually occur out fear to living up to parents expectations. In religious circles a nightmare can play significant roles toward living up to the expectations of a deity. The house you see is in a state of hex. A house is usually considered our resting place our heaven, our home. A haunted house might be considering problems of dispute or turmoil. In a basic sense these could mean a broken torn home. In a religious sense this could mean being born out spiritual chaos and confusion and being torn asunder by the split of indecisive elements. A Staircase is ascending platform. A way to buy our way to a spiritual rest. In old testament Ezekiel says the buyer shall not rejoice nor the seller mourn. no one can buy or sell without the beast mark. This can give you a head clue. only one place is ascending platform seen in christian fables, Jacob's ladder. SS can be a steamship or the name of Herman henchmen which translated to English as protective guard. 5 could possibly be our five fallen sense touch taste, sight, smell, and hearing. this is behind the man in red possibly meaning support. Robes are traditional garments of religion so I can imagine what you saw was the face of religion used as validation of empiricism backed by a protective guard or hate from dissidents with hell following. I am sure you heard of Ariel in Isaiah 29.

As for how this applies to you weather on a personal level or religious one I am unsure. what I can tell you is that dreams that continue are either ESP or forewarning of troubles in your waking life you have yet to face in your waking world and either ignore or are not aware of and need to address most dreams are symbolic so don;t expect to see any boogey men anytime soon.


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