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What does my dream mean?

i dreamed that i was in some place like Chinatown and I had a gold fine chain necklace and a gold fine chain bracelet put in pawn. a day after <yup, there was tomorrow and yesterday in my dream>, i paid my debt and took the necklace but they gave me a different one, it was made of rubber with a gold pendant; i was planning to take the bracelet out too but they said they couldn't find it yet so i took a walk around the area and waited all day. before the day ended, i returned to the pawnshop to get my bracelet and have my necklace replaced because it wasn't my necklace. they gave my necklace back but they couldn't find my bracelet and asked me if i could have another bracelet instead. i agreed and they offered me this gold dragon bracelet <head as the hook, tail as the eye> which was far better than mine.

a dragon in china means good luck. but so that you understand my answer you were in chinatown in your dream-chinese
you lost your necklace-losing your way
you found you necklace, but not your bracelet-found your way, but something was missing
you got a new bracelet of a drangon-you found your way and are doing good, you will have a good life.

in china a dragon represents good luck, so what you read abouve means that u were in china. so the dragon bracelet means that u will have good luck in the future, leading to a good life.
but before that can happen, you will lose your way in life, but only for a short period of time. and your life will be better then ever. but u will still feel a tad of emptiness. hope i helped. :)

It means, if you give up something you own, you might get something better. Or at least something you perceive as better.

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