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What does my dream mean?

I keep having dreams that people are trying to get into my house and kill my family. The people are strangers and there's usually at least 10 of them surrounding the house trying to get into my house through all of the doors. In my dream I call 911 but they never come... it's just weird because I keep having this same dream.

You have a lot of things you are trying to juggle in your life and it gets more difficult as you go along. Try to cut back on some of the activites, texting, phoning and other busy stuff. Your house is you, your family in this case represents all the parts of yourself that are under attack. Don't discount all the shootings and stuff that seemingly won't quit and some of it close to home. You may be dropping images into your unconscious that suggest everyone is out to get you and your family. It comes out in your dreams. But I doubt you live in a dangerous part of town. Think about it.

You watched wrong turn 5

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