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What does my dream mean?

Well I had a dream like this
In my dream I was in a minecraft world picking out some blocks and then when I got out I saw this girl kissing another guy. I then woke up and I thought that I was dreaming in the real world I went back to bed. I then went back to bed and i walked past them. I then teleported to this strange world. It had cats flying around in the sky. I was in my high school's P.E clothes when I heard the news that some blonde girl died. I cried and then I found myself in the computer lab dressed in my street clothes. I woke up.

Well that girl that was kissing another guy I liked her forever and now I'm trying to get over her.

I woke up screaming 3 weeks ago.

What could this dream mean

That dream means almost nothing its just you unconscious mind playing tricks on you. As of the girl it is still linked to your unconscious mind. It is just the fact that u liked her before an she was from school. The rational part of your mind is suppressed so nothing makes logical sense. A dream is sometimes bizarre but still holds some little reason or message. When having dreams of this sort think of the bigger picture.

Maybe someone sneaked into your mind and planted the seed of inception.

maybe its just your mind having a little bit of fun? idk sory :/

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