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What does my dream mean?

I just woke up. Last night I had a very long and strange dream. I'm wondering if there is any significance to it as it was really detailed and I usually never remember my dreams, and I also am experiencing some tension with my best friend in waking life. I'll go through points of my dream in asterisks.

*I was at the summer camp I go to each year, but with my classmates, not other campers. My mom sent me plenty of blankets.
*I had trouble finding an open bed.
*I was given in a cabin that only had half a roof on it. It began to rain, I thought of bed becoming cold & wet & thought, "I'll have to find someone who lived here last year and ask what to do"
*My classmates and I went to bed. We are to be leaving for a music trip the next day & vote what time we wanted to leave.
*I recall seeing green flames in a fireplace
*I forgot my instrument at home and ran there, meeting another girl in my class
*On the way back, I sang and a dog jumped on me (corgi, looked like a fox, though)

In your dream you are having trouble finding a bed at camp. Could this mean that you don't feel you fit in as well now that you, in reality, are having problems with your friend?

In fact, you got stuck in a bed that had no roof over it and you got wet when it rained. Then you decided to find someone to help you that had experience from last year. Are you thinking about getting a new friend since things are getting worse?

Forgetting something at home is a bit of insecurity. We all have that from time to time. The dog or fox attacking you sounds like you are contemplating a lot of trouble ahead.

Hang in there. The flames won't always be green. They will become red the way things are supposed to be.

In my dreams I occasionally fight zombies pretty graphically in my previous school, or run from something I don't know, or even go to the wedding of Antichrist... I think that your dream is totally normal.
What I would think about your life judging from this dream is that you have a very caring or protective mother, and that something is bothering you in real life (because you have a lot of problems in your dream), but that you are in the mental state to deal with it and work it out (how you looked for solutions in your dream). That's what my dreams do. Portray real life and my mental state in a weird and bright way. No expert though.
Btw if you wake up near morning and then fall asleep again the dreams will usually be pretty detailed and memorable.

Dream doesn't mean anything. It's simply something your brain generated off the knowledge it knows. There is absolutely no spiritual or other sort of connection.

Don't fool yourself. :/

This is normal, it doesn't mean anything.

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