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WHAT does my dream mean?

i had dream that i was in a hit and run (someone hit my vehicle and fled from the scene) and the only witness was KERMIT THE FROG.

The dream seems to be a flash back of an accident and also a puppet from children shown. However, it may mean something

hit and run = escape from responsibilities
Witness, Kermit the Frog = Character in TV to teach children

In other words, this dream may tell you that running away from responsibilities is not good and even kids know that. Maybe in real life, you are dealing with younger people or babies or sibling, you still have to take good care of them. By projecting Kermit the Frog is like a symbol of reflection of a teaching to a child. If you have brother or sister, you may want to see if you have neglect them unconsciously? If you have kids, you also may want to see if you neglect communication with them?

I could be wrong, but that is how i see from your dream.

It didn't mean a thing. Dreams by their very nature are weird and totally detached from reality. They are simply our imaginations running without its reality filter turned on.

Dream analysis & interpretation is BS. It simply does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Ask 10 different dream interpreters what a dream means and you'll get 10 different answers. Hell, even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Dream interpretation is just a desire to find meaning in something which, most of the time, simply doesn't have any.

So I wouldn't obsess over it. Just enjoy your dreams. THAT'S how to get the most use out of them!

Try this. Go through the dream again, but in turn, take each of the parts in the dream.
For example, in your dream: your car, the other car, the driver of the other car, Kermit.

You will find out things like, in this dream you did not die, so the other driver wanted your attention but did not want to hurt you.

Go check your car. Maybe it got hit in the parking lot. And if there is a dead frog next to it. Let me know, will ya?

It was just a weird dream, It doesn't mean anything. I've had dreams that Miss Piggy was shopping with me at the mall, it doesn't mean anything but It's a funny thing to talk about.

You've been victimized, but no one will believe you.

too many movies

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