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What does my dream/nightmare mean?

i've been having the same bad dream for a few nights now. what happens is my brother kills him self then my mum dies of lung cancer then me and my dad get into a car crash were a drunk driver runs a red light and hits us, i survive but my dad doesn't, then a re-bell against everything and become a real b*tch then i meet this girl, we become close (like sisters) and her family adopts me, they're rich and she has 5 brothers, and i feel right at home with them, then i join 4 of the brothers and the dad as a bounty hunter.
does anyone know what this could mean?

Yes l think so,
means your a bit bored with your life at present and wish it would change for the better [family dying], Then you rebel,[bring about certain change for yourself]
meet a girl [need Companion of like mind to share with]
she is rich and has 5 brothers [ security needs met and with attraction possibilities [brothers and tribe]]
The bounty hunter bit , means you need an exciting future, even if it's not secure or save, as long as it's interesting,[exciting].
Your emmotions ,instead of you mind, play front role in dreams, but are usually symbolic to them. Emmotions unravelling and balancing l think. Beautiful and deep how it all works ay!

Dreams could mean anything.
Some believe that they could come true, and others don't. I honestly don't think
that you're nightmare will come true at all.
It may just be some things that your brain has processed the wrong way.
Like you watched a commercial on lung cancer and then talked to your mom.
Or you heard a story a long time ago about drunk drivers or heard it on the news then something reminded you of you and your father.
It could mean anything really.

But to stop it, you should focus on good things before you fall asleep. Try to imagine whatever it is that makes you happy. Try hard to dream about that until you fall asleep and see where that takes you.

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